Welcome to the Segothian Language WikiEdit

This wiki is about a conlang that I created called Segothian and it is a Scandinavian language.

Segothian is a Scandinavian based conlang. Here are some sentences in English and Segothian:Edit

English: Hello, how are you today?

Segothian: Hallå, hur mår dig idag?

English: I have four cats and no dogs.

Segothian: Jag har fyra katter ok inge hundar.

English: I will go to the store today and buy food for the family.

Segothian: Jag gare til martran idag ok burjate matt för famlen.

English: I want to have a chocolate cake for my birthday.

Segothian: Jag vil at ha en kokoladkaka för min borsdagen.

English: What is the time?

Segothian: Vad är tiden?

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